2023 closed out as one of the most impactful years for ensuring the long-term health of former players as the NBRPA took over operations of the Health Screenings program from the NBPA and expanded the number of cities where these comprehensive services were offered. After stops at NBA All-Star in Utah, NCAA Women’s Final Four in Dallas and the Legends Summer Getaway and Golf Experience in Las Vegas, the NBRPA Health Screenings tour made additional stops in Orlando, Los Angeles, and Houston to round out the year and provide preventative care for a record number of basketball Legends.

The NBRPA Health Screenings program, under the supervision of NBRPA Chief Medical Director Joe Rogowski, focuses on player health, delivers thorough and cost-effective healthcare to NBRPA members, and addresses many of the medical issues experienced by former athletes, while also educating them on proactive measures that promote a healthy lifestyle. Keep an eye out for NBRPA Health Screenings across the country throughout 2024 and beyond.